Scratch Repair Pen For iPhone
Scratch Repair Pen For iPhone
Scratch Repair Pen For iPhone
Scratch Repair Pen For iPhone
Scratch Repair Pen For iPhone
Scratch Repair Pen For iPhone

Scratch Repair Pen For iPhone

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Color: SP25/SJ01 Matte Black
Quantity: 1*

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Product Information


The Scratch Repair Pen for iPhone is the perfect tool for fixing any scratches or scuffs on your iPhone. The pen is designed to be easy to use and quickly fix any scratches or scuffs on your device. The pen is made of a special formula that bonds with the surface of your device and fills in the scratches, making them virtually invisible. The pen is easy to use and comes with a detailed instruction manual to help you get the job done quickly and easily. It's the perfect tool for anyone looking to restore their iPhone's original look and feel.


Accurate color - This Scratch Repair Pen is designed for iPhone. It has accurate color, no color difference, making each color suitable for a fixed model. It's easy to operate and has labels on the sides and bottom, with clear color names and numbers at a glance. After receiving the paint repair pen, please check the label before operation, which is more reassuring to use.

Long service life of aluminum tube packaging - Plastic pen tubes contain paint that is prone to volatilization, making the paint dry and hard, and the odor volatile. Aluminum tube packaging solves the above problems, and with self-developed special valves, the service life of paint repair pens is extended. Paint repair pens are no longer disposable products. After the pen is opened, it can be used for 2 years (cover the pen cap promptly after use to prevent the pen tip from becoming dry and hard to use).

Automatic valve - A special valve design that produces paint only when pressed during use. When not in use, the valve is tightly closed, making it less prone to paint leakage or spraying.

The use of alcohol cotton - Firstly, the area that needs to be repainted can be wiped with alcohol cotton before repainting to remove dust and oil stains and increase the paint fastness. In addition, if the paint is not properly applied, it can also be wiped off and repainted with alcohol cotton within one hour of painting.

The use of A987 High Gloss Clearcoat

  1. Remove the pen cap and rotate the pen tail clockwise at a constant speed until the liquid flows out. It is not advisable to operate continuously and quickly to avoid spraying liquid!
  2. This product cannot be rotated. Please stop after reaching the required liquid output to avoid waste!
  3. When the paint is first turned out, there is a lot of paint. Before use, skim off the excess paint and apply it more lightly and evenly.
  4. After use, be sure to observe that no more liquid flows out before covering the pen cap!

Color selection

SP25/SJ01 Matte Black: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone XR (side) (Android universal)

SP26/SJ02 Shiny Black: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone SE  (Android universal)

SP27/SJ03 White: iPhone 5C, iPhone SE (Android universal)

SP29/SJ05 Silver: iPhone XSMax (side), XS (side), XR (side), iPhone 8, etc. available, (Android universal)

SP30/SJ06 Gold: iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 iPhone 6 Plus, etc.  (Android Universal)

SP31/SJ07 Rose Gold: iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, etc. (Android Universal)

SP32/SJ08 Champagne Gold: iPhone XR (side), iPhone 5s, etc.

SP34 Blue: iPhone XR (side)

SP37 Blue 2: iPhone 13 (side)

SP38 Yellow: iPhone 11 (side)

SP39 Midnight: iPhone 13 (side)


Specification: 22g

Shelf life: 5 years

Size: 15CM * 1.5CM

Gift: Replacement pen tip * 1, alcohol cotton pad * 2, trial blank paper * 1

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